Dabbing For the 21st Century

E-Wax Canada has been in business since late 2013 and have been creating and improving our products.  We are located in Brampton Ontario Canada and are proud to say that all of our products are designed and built by E-Wax Canada.  No outsourcing.  Strict quality control program and have the largest selection of E-Nails on the market.

Experience in this industry has been the forefront of E-Wax Canada and we have over 15 years in the electronics business and have created a name and product we can be proud of. 

All E-Wax E-Nails are designed from sheets of aircraft grade aluminum that are bent and shaped to the signature E-Wax Design you see.  We also purchase North American Walnut Wood for our E-Wax Series E-Nails.  We go the extra mile for a sleek looking design that fits most homes and retail outlets.  Our sloped E-Wax Design is definitive and unique.  It is not "Just a Box" and you can be assured that E-Wax Canada will always be designing new and ground breaking E-Nails.

We also add Custom Pot Leaf and the E-Wax Signature Oil Drop Led Buttons to ALL of our E-Wax E-Nail Series.  The only company who adds this in absolutely free! 

Take a look at the lineup of E-Nail packages we provide and see for yourself that we take pride in what we create.  We back it with one of the best warranties in the business and provide a quick and responsive customer service team that will help you in any way possible. WE  ALWAYS MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU!