Dabbing For the 21st Century

E-Wax Micro  Click HERE

One of the smallest on the market and uses ONLY OMRON COMPONENTS!  Japanese quality.  Measures 4” x 3” x 1.5”.  Slides right in your pocket and is portable.  Aircraft grade aluminum and custom Pot Leaf Button.  Simple to use and does not overshoot!  Holds within 2 degrees F.  Tuned to 710F before shipping and takes about 1 minute to heat to 710 F.  It is very quick and precise.  I have linked some videos so you can see how well it holds heat. 

E-Wax Mini  Click HERE

One of my best sellers and when you look at the pictures, you can see why.  Aircraft grade aluminum bent to the signature E-Wax Design.  Japanese quality Omron Electronics along with the North American Walnut Sides.  Add this E-Nail to any household and you know it does not stick out.  A sleek design and signature colors will ensure it fits perfectly into your household.  We have over 40 colors in stock and have over 1600 different color variations to choose from.  Largest selection in the business. 

E-Wax Wireless  Click HERE

The E-Wax Wireless has been a great seller and provides you with the ability to turn your E-Nail on and off via RF Remote.  Wireless remote works at about 400 ft away so it is large enough most homes.   Just hit the button on the remote and your E-Wax Wireless turns on and heats up the coil.  Hit it again and it shuts off.  This is a great feature if you are just coming home and you would like a nice warm dab waiting for you. 

E-Wax Dab N Tune ---Pictures Soon!

Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Player built right into the E-Wax DAB N TUNE E-Nail System.  25 watt amplifier with speakers located on each side for true Surround Sound.  Aluminum Case with Omron Temperature Controller.  Provides USB, Micro SD, Bluetooth and Aux 2.5mm audio jack input for clear crisp sound you can expect from E-Wax Canada.  Industry First Mp3 E-Nail System.  Dab away and listen to your favorite tunes.  Comes with Remote to provide hands free play.


E-Wax Custom ----Pictures Soon!

At E-Wax Canada we have created many custom built E-Nail Systems and can create on for you.  We have created many types of E-Nails in all shapes and sizes.  If you are looking for a custom look, contact us at 905-216-5910 9am-8pm EST and we can get you the E-Nail design from E-Wax Canada.  Take a look at my Custom Enail Pictures and see for yourself.

E-Wax High Def  ---Pictures Soon!

Industry First Wireless HD WiFi Camera E-Nail System.  Record any video from your network and view on any android or Apple phone.  Control it from anywhere in the world via internet and view in real time.  Host a party and live stream.  Keep watch on your home.  Protect yourself with the E-Wax High Def E-Nail System.  Comes with wireless remote to turn the camera On/OFF.  There is no way to turn it off manually unless you have the remote control.  Great security feature. 

E-Wax Video ----Pictures Soon!

This is a Master creation from our team.  Over 20 hours labor and 45 ft of wire.   Wireless Bluetooth 1080p HD touch screen player with E-Wax E-Nail all in one.  So many features to list.

1080p Touch Screen

Video/Audio in and out AV Gold plated jacks.

Bluetooth/USB/Micro SD video and audio AV playback.

3 speakers and one sub woofer for a 4 channel output that has crisp clear sound.

BOSE speakers.  The best in the industry.

100 watts of power and pounds!

Custom Wood Cabinet design

Comes with remote for Wireless On and Off for Camera system.  Also comes with remote for Touch Screen Player.

+ many more features!

Full 3 year warranty on all our products.