Dabbing For the 21st Century

All E-Wax Series E-nails Conforms to UA Standards.  We provide a full 3 year replacement guarantee on all our E-Nails unless otherwise stated.  Coils carry a full 1 year replacement guarantee unless otherwise stated.

E-Wax Canada has tamperproof security measures installed on Every E-Wax E-Nail Series and we reserve the right to refuse warranty service if these security measures have been compromised.  E-Wax E-Nails and accessories will be warrantied only for their intended use.  Any other use will void all warranty.  DO NOT HEAT LIQUIDS. 

Coils get Hot and can Burn so please avoid contact with hot coils or nails.  Let them cool before handling.  Do not spill liquids on E-Wax E-Nail or coil.  If it occurs, unplug E-Nail Unit from wall (not the E-Nail Unit) and dry it off quickly.  Call us or Email us right away if there is a problem and we will ensure a safe working E-Wax E-Nail.